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you. >> we vehicle working together ten yours now. he has even eps come and go. happy anniversary. >> you never quit on us. >> really? >> he did. >> i never did. >> that didn't work out too well, did it? >> it is way too recall. et "morning joe." stick around. we're kblarsed. >> no camera chronicling the fact we talked to each other this morning. >> can we blame t.j. >> yes. >> come on, guys. come on. now we go to the guy on the other side. >> thank you, brother. the bay state battle is set, a veteran and democratic kwam medicaid marquee facing off
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against gomez. they say lightning never strikes the same place twice. you butter believe so2 brown's win is on the mind of both parties this morning. prchl calls out congress for holding up progress on everything from gun control to closing git me. it is his admission of a rocky rollout of the health care law that has republicans pouncing this morning. also, this morning, an emotional confrontation between the daughter of a newtown victim and the senator that voted against the back ground checks bill. good morning from washington. wednesday, may day, 2013. this is the daily rundown. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. we told you the results of the republican primary to determine whether we have a race in massachusetts. we have one but with caveats.
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navy seal turned disman go man try you meaned and congressman ed marty easily defeated his fellow member steven lynch 57-43. the battle lines are already drown. gomez and the republican party will do everything they can to use his four decades in washington against him while trying to play up gomez's unique personal story. >> [ speaking hispanic ] >> first, i want to take you back in time. the year was 1976, 23 years ago. ford was president. me, i was playing little league baseball. and that was when ed marquee first got elected to congress. >> meanwhile, mark key is out to associate gomez with the old kind of republicans and the tea
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party. >> now, in less than two months we will decide who has the leadership and the experience to follow john kerry in the united states senate. this a election will not be easy. carl rove, the coke brothers, the super pacs see this election as the first shot of stopping president obama's agenda and gaining control of the united states senate. >> democrats are doing their best to tie gomez to mitt romney, the senate majority pack pushed out this memo. after a toe turnout primary he is bringing the i mitt yom any campaign to general election.
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for democrats the specter of scott brown's 2010 victory and coakley's disastrous campaign is hovering over this. brown's victory was a perfect storm event, took place at the height of the health care ledge reconciliation working through congress in a back room deal. the unemployment rate was near 10% and they were ignoring brown for most of the general election and never saw it coming until it was too late. three years later none have the same intensity including the fact dmz won't be taking the race for granted. remember these numbers. the margin for a republican in mths, the margin or error is very, very small. one reality check, the vote total last night was almost double those cast in the entire republican condition test and the loser by himself got more votes than the entire gop field complained. there is sent active to throw
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money at this race even if it is a losing caught. moving on. at a news conference that ended up marking the first 100 days of the second term president obama met the press, no set agenda, didn't offer opening statement. felt the need they would get a bunch of questions out of the way and it began with the most pressing issue as the president tried to clarify his position on syria, an issue that may very well dominate the next 100 days and it is all about what is the red line and how he will go about defending that red line if it is proven the syria regime has used chemical weapons. here is what he said. >> when i am making decisions about america's national security and the potential for
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taking additional action in response to chemical weapon use, i have to make sure i have the facts. >> the new poll is showing over 60% of the public against the u.s. intervening in syria. the president did not immediately warn of a margin military response if the red line has been proven to have been crossed. he spoke more generally about the possible next steps. >> my game changer i mean that we would have to rethink the rage of options that are available to us. we're already as i said invested in trying to bring about a solution inside of syria. obviously there are options available to me that are on the shelf right now that we have not deployed. >> that's what's going on here. late tuesday the national
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security counsel offered this statement, quote, as the president said it has been on upward trajectory and he iefds the team to define additional measures. what exactly are they talking about? not going to be as prau makt in the flo fly again and the white house is able to take what it is krn incremental they have been indirectly to arm the opposition. the next step is do it directly and means additional communications, equipment, night vision goggles, among the items being discussed. in the meantime expect a diplomatic push and a lot of pressure being applied to russian president vladimir putin. right now it is the staunch ally still of syrian president assad and focusing on putin gives them the advantage they could open the door and also provides tame
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to sort through the intelligence on syria and try to figure out what an international coalition of doing something big other syria would look like and how they would do it. back to tuesday's press conference. president obama spent a lot of time having to defend what right now appears to be a stalled second term agend a. >> i think as mark twain said rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point. >> no matter the topic the president places the blame on congress. >> you seem to suggest that somehow these folks over will have no responsibilities and that my job is to somehow get them to behave. that's their john. >> issue after issue from guns to gitmo and health care and is he quest inner the budget.
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>> this habit of requiring 60 votes for even the most modest piece of legislation has gummed up the works there. >> the president even brought up congressional obstruction in relation to the current hunger trying blaming congress for macing efforts to close the at the tension center. >> i think it is critical for us to understand that guantanamo bay is not necessary to keep america safe. it is expensive. it is inefficient. it hurts us in terms r terms of our international standing. it lessening cooperation with our allies on counter toichl efforts. it is eye recruitment tool tore extremists and needs to be closed. >> the president come ised a new effort. not something he wasn't working on behind the scenes. now their actions have to match
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their words. one more thing. it is know that the president is frustrated by congress but they throw out the bum's mentality. poll indicating there is with all of washington and the president days the game, but his numbers aren't constitute pend us on either. they have taking the funding and all the things the administration is trying to do to wind it down or shut it down, they you understand up putting it into the overall defense organization bill and they make it ann unbeatable bill when r if you will so we'll see what hamds next. republicans have done a good job arguing the health care is so big and implicated implementing it will be a chaotic process. retiring senate finance ked chairman gave them more foden
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saying allowed what some have been whispering quietly and at the news conference yesterday he responded to bacchus and all of the worry warts for the first time. >> why does senator bachus, somebody who extensively helped write your bill believe this and what do you believe it is wrong? >> i think any time are you implementing something big, there will be people who are nervous and anxious about is it going too get done. >> the president argued the large mart jort of americans that have health insurance don't worry about implementation issues and mentioned it the other day with congress. >> we have half of congress deshed to block implementation and not funds implementation. >> the challenge the president faces in sper wading the public, the law is underized buy i r by
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a new kbooizer pole and they do not know the affordable care act is in fact law. 42% did not know it is law. 12% within that 42 believe it has already been repealed by congress. 7% think the supreme court over turned it and 23% unsure of its status. in a move intended to make the process more straight forward we told you yesterday the bam administration is trying to streamline the application process. both are significantly shorter than a draft from earlier this year. they're jumping on this yesterday and jumped on the acknowledgment from the president. >> even if we do everything perfectly, there will still be glitches and bumps and that's pretty much true of every government program that's ever been set up. >> republican national committee
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immediately sent out a release pegged to those comments. they spoke and said in a statement the news conference was a perfect time to address the nation and explain the consequences headed their way. instead the message was move along, nothing to see and until enrollment begins the republicans and democrats are rattle r battling to try to find it and instead of attacking health care for the number of pages in the bill, they will ko tack the complexities of the indication. so far it seems they have to reassure the public this won't be complicated although arguably it is complex on their end and they have to make it look easy to anticipate. the real end game for them is getting healthy, uninsured, young americans into the pool or they don't work.
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100 days in the second term, is anyone better off than they were naugs inauguration day and we'll hear from both winners of massachusetts primaries. a look ated at the politic planner. a new special election in north carolina. houses, government, finance agencies. rundown on msbnc can acne cleansers be tough on breakouts and be good for your face? [ female announcer ] now there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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. i cannot force republicans to embrace those common sense
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solutions. i can urge them to. i can put pressure on them. ultimately they themselves are going to have to say we want to do the right thing. >> that's president obama tuesday admitting only so much he can do to get republicans on his side. the first 100 days of the second term haven't been kind to the president but they haven't been to congressional republicans he either. why do we go from here. it is interesting, robert, during the campaign they said if he wins re-election the fever will break. here we are six months from re-election and 100 days in and the fever, maybe the temperature has gone down from 103 to 102 but it is not broken yet. >> the fefr would never be broken by this, truth be told and i was struck largely by the
6:19 am
fact the answers the president gave on domestic priorities simply reiterated how hard it was going to be to get almost all of them done. that's what struck me. if up i am in the west wick today my priorities are domestically we have to focus on the economy. i would like to get immigration and i am worried about health care. >> did he come across too powerless? >> i think he reiterated how hard it is to get things done, how many hurdles it would take to overcome. he talked about a desire to get something done, but in washington there is not -- we don't live in a town where if there is a will there is a way. >> john, that's interesting looking at the first 100 days and i thought al hunt called this well, you can't sit and say the president has gotten a lot done. it is not like what the republicans are trying to do from 2012 hasn't gotten better either and it is like they
6:20 am
haven't had a good 100 days. >> everybody is bumbling along and everybody is looking at the debt limit to get something d e done. >> sequester didn't work. >> it slowed down the economy, the tax increases slowed down the economy. what the congress and president have done together are largely ineffective solve any problems. i think the president do look powerless. nobody fears this president. republicans don't fear this president. when you have this sense of paralysis, not much going on. >> what do they have to too? do they hope the republicans they're having dinner with come before the action is? >> i think the only way to get something done is not unlike what's happening with immigration reform. you get a row decision of the willing if you will in the
6:21 am
senate with senate republicans and then you have to use that bipartisan nature to get something done in the house. as you saw yesterday that marco rubio said even the gang of eight i am frags reform pill wouldn't pass the house as it is currently written. i think this will be enormously tough. divided government was always going to be tough. the notion that somehow the election was going to at the clier one winner and one loser and everything will fall in line is a huge fallace. >> they don't seem to have a co-he's civil strategy or agenda. it is clearly one of the two sides deciding to leak something about this meeting that they were fighting and disagreeing on a strategy, for instance, how to deal with health care. >> the love the stores leaked out. >> clearly one was trying to
6:22 am
send the message. >> i think leadership is frustrated and with each other and out of a dpas thgas. it is really one of those situations. >> you just had a youtube moment. >> they just don't have the votes. they get them done and they -- >> they have to wait for the senate. >> that's the paralysis. if the senate could goat 70 or 75 votes on immigration, it gets enough momentum and it will past several different bills and get something to conference and a conference traeg to get something through there. >> the president going to back skbak say he needs to act tougher or? this is an inside congress
6:23 am
calculus game. you have to figure out how to get -- >> that's ugly. >> it is. there is ways to do it. i think the dinners they're doing long overdue. i think there is a way in which you can get again a coalition of the building to do this. >> interesting. john with the youtube moment of the day. good luck with that. if it is wednesday we have winners, gabriel go plez and ed markey will be here next. since 1923 which president gave the fewest press conferences in a calendar year? one caveat, he had to have served for the full year so this year doesn't count. the first person to treat the correct answer yets the shout out. it's a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure,
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politician, i am definitely nl yours guy. if are you looking for someone who is willing to reach across the i'll aisle please joint me. >> it was made clear last night experience is one of the key story lines in the massachusetts election. gabriel gomez is trying to position himself as a more youthful option. will it work? joining me is the massachusetts republican nominee for senate plrks gomez. thank you. welcome to the show. >> i should say welcome back. we had you for a few minutes dwred. i want to ask about this issue of experience. experience can cut both ways. you're replacing a john kerry with all the experience in the world popular with massachusetts voters. what's wrong with experience? >> i have a lot of experience and i think congressman marquee
6:28 am
has a lot of political experience and i think right now we need practical real world experience which is being in the military for flien years, a pilot, a seal, and also being in the private sector of the real world working with companies and how the economy works. the number one issue are facing i keep hearing talked about is the economy and the 16 trillion in debt and trying to get jobs back into the business. >> i want to go through a couple issues you may have to vote on if you're elect would in the next year. the background checks bill on guns, manchin-toomey, where would you have come down on that. >> i was it the debate a couple weeks ago and i would have voted for the bill proposed. >> what about other ex tangss like magazine limits, assault weapons ban, where are you on those two? >> i am a firm believer in the second amendment.
6:29 am
and i think i have a unique perspective having fired these weapons and i don't believe we need an assault weapons ban or limit rounds in high capacity magazine. we need to focus on the bill, making sure we have the same background checks. >> immigration, gang of eight proposal, generally supportive or questions about it? >> i am with marco rubio. i have unique perspective as well. i am the first generation american and my parents came here from columbia. i learned spanish before i learned english and at heart having a discussion on this and with marco rubio on this. >> you have said on the issue of woerks you're pro-life but do you believe roe is settled law? does that mean you would cast pro-choice votes in the u.s. senate? is that what you're trying to tell folks in massachusetts. >> i am catholic.
6:30 am
it is my faith. i was raised catholic. i am not going to change the law. it has been said a lot. just scalia has come out now and 40 years he. >> one of the things you thoughted is you're not a political person. last year you were part of a group up criss cat l president obama on the issue of the osama bin laden raid and the eventual killing of osama bin laden. that's a very port san act to have done when you did it, august of election year. how do you square that with the persona? >> i waive the president full credit for making the call to send that unit in and they did it phenomenally.
6:31 am
what i had a major effort with is i think he took ka too much credit afterwards and secondly, the national security issues raised afterwards, people shouldn't have had the information what unit it was, what fact particulars they used, when they were based, et cetera. i was just going on the show and discussing those two main paints. >> is that something you regret? >> i will didn't at all. i have a lot of frentsds still in the military and teelt kems and i had issue is i thought he took way too much credit and should have gone to the unit and senator feinstein was on my side and secretary grates at the time thought we leaked too much information in terms of the rate and unit involve thanks for juning me. >> thank you, vir.
6:32 am
joining me now the democratic nominee ed markey. congratulations. >> thank you very much, chuck. i want to start with the idea that democrats don't want to make the same mistake they made three years ago with the special election. how are you going to avoid making the same mistake martha coakley made? >> i will start right out talking about the fact that gabriel is not willing to take the people's pledge. >> what is the pledge. >> they each refuse to accept that vast rt of disdisclosed, unlimited money from the super pacs, the republican super pacs,
6:33 am
scharl kroef that went all the rest of the country but september out of massachusetts. what gabriel is saying, he is a new kind of republican but he is saying he is going to accept all of that money. it is undisclosed. it is unlimited, and it is unseemly to have that kind of outside influence not be i don't know by the voters of the state of massachusetts as they cast their ballots. >> this morning one of the releases i voted was from something called senate majority back which of course is a super pac that benefits democratic candidates. are you saying you don't want their funding. >> i don't want funding that comes from from the super pacs where they back in all of the money, all of this disdisclosed money and nowhere by of knowing where it came. everyone can identify very
6:34 am
clearly with a the source of the funding is. >> what's the top issue in this race? you brought up outside special interest money. do you think voters will be motivated by that issue? >> i think that one issue encompasses every issue. the nra in my opinion should ultimately stand for not relevant anymore in american politics. what gabriel is saying, he does not support a plan on support weapons. he does not support a ban on magazines with so many bullets on them. he is not pro-choice. he is not committing to voting against a supreme court nominee who was not pro-choice. there are going to be big differences between the two of us including in my opinion a real difference on the issue of whether or not there should be
6:35 am
dramatic cuts on associate secured and medicare. there thereabout big issues that divide us and it is going to be a bell rag choice for the voters of massachusetts. >> boston glob reports your residency, questions about your home in maryland versus how much time you spent in massachusetts is going to be an issue. what do you take to that? >> i lived in the same house for 64 degrees. this is really a campaign about my values and who i vout for in the ats of massachusetts. when i go to washington to vote the same way they have done we bring our talls with us. it is up to the people of massachusetts to determine if they want the values. i think people want a ban auto all the rifles, and i think they want social security and
6:36 am
medicare protect. that's what this race is going to be about, everyone else's family in the states of massachusetts and which is going to be best at protecting those peoples? >> rt. we'll lee it there. kragts on that moment. watching the special election and help to see you soon. >> it is only 2013. one group says they have already called the races in 85%. you're watching the daily rundown. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no!
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why wait for election day when you can find results right now. we find partner san ship and party lines are so deeply engrained a vast majority of congressional races are over before we quinn.
6:40 am
fair vote, the winner that did the study make it is so hundreds of incumbents are shoe in fos elections ask there is no democratic. fair vote passed with flying colors on their projections. they projected 333 last year and cot every single one right f they're just as accurate in 2014, the democratic party's road may be dearly impossible. follow us here. republicans rob it in the house, two vacancies now, missouri's 8 and south carolina 4th of course. they expect them to dominate the pro jejed races winning 211 of 274 they believe are in the bad. they aren't projected because of candidate specific factors. if the initial projections hold they have to win 55 of the
6:41 am
remaining 61 to take the house. they estimate democrats have to beat the republicans nationally by 10 points in the generic ballot to make that happen. in 2008 democrats came loes and won nationally by eight the points. even if it repeats itself they project republicans would still narrowly hold the house. if the nation is split 2014, 50/50, they would pick up seats. not any competitive districts. 62 incumbents in safe races, essentially immune to national movement one way or the other. they project less than 5% of the total are true toss ups. joining me is the executive director and he is one of the great numbers guys i have known for a long time.
6:42 am
you dig into this stuff for years. this is remarkable. you went through and believe your numbers are not going to budget on this, basically only if you have a mark sanford situation. >> right. that is a real anomaly because special election turnout will be different. >> normally there is a race in the projected category. >> exactly because it is march fousd the boundaries the democrat would have the chance to win in regular election. >> you went back and looking at the shrinking congressional battleground. in 1998 you would 121 pure swing districts and 2012 that was 47. safe districts in 1988, 279, now 284. why can't washington work? there is no political incentive to govern. >> right. we have situation where we on re-election, 4% win.
6:43 am
>> 5 million votes. >> but a majority of the house is republicans in districts mitt romney won. not only did they win, they won in a district where mitt romney -- >> to put the number, president obama one by 5 million votes but only carried 209 house districts. >> exactly. >> less than a majority of the house. >> yes, even the democratic impair active of those districts on a certain sense is take the romney vision, not the obama vision and the parties at this point are distinctly different brand and so that stagnation we see in congress is built in. >> this issue of jerry manderring has been out there for years. democrats wanted to protect their majorities and they did for a large part and republicans want to protect theirs. is it technology that just made it easier to do this? >> it is really the voters
6:44 am
themselves. state lines don't change. they keep the same. >> not yet. don't give them any ideas. >> there is a fun map showing how we can redraw state lines. the point is in presidential elections very with seen a start decline in swing states and down to just nine or ten. >> was there really only five states decided by five points or less. >> something very small and all the time as last time. we have a smaller field, all the same and there is a theory of the big sort that voters are literally moving to different areas and making them stronger. whether little that or the local media or who you're talking to reinforces your own views. what we're seeing is a decline in competition generally. when that applies to the house when you have that one sided advantage, you look in the advantage and generally lock in the fact the incumbents can't
6:45 am
lose in general, only primary. >> is the fix not redistricting? it sounds like maybe it is not because -- >> it is certainly a piece of the puzzle but a minor piece. we like to see commissions drawing districts with more than one seat in them. bigger districts with more than one seat. statutory, and part of our history, and take a take like massachusetts and the massachusetts republican haven't won a house seat in 20 years. if you went to three-seat stricts rather than nine one-sheet districts you could use a system we use at a local level. >> new hampshire state legislature has doppler this one. >> it takes aa bird of the a vote to win a seat and then you go to states like georgia or these states not uniformly republican like oklahoma and kansas, and you would have kem grats coming out of there.
6:46 am
the voters are there. >> they can go on the website and take a look. >> good stuff. thanks for doing this. one of the great numbers guys i love to follow. thank you. >> still to come, emotional confrontation between a newtown relative and one of the senators that helped defeat the background check bill in the senate. the white house soup of the day, chicken noodle. guess that makes you feel better. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain...
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we're going to have the gaggle in a second. first the trivia. since 1923 which president gave the fewest press conferences? the answer was ronald reagan. you remember the caveat. you had to serve the entire calendar year. he of course resigned in august of that year. congratulations to today's winner, nathan lien. we'll be right pack with a lean,
6:50 am
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all successful social movements are built out of the multitudes of tiny miracles who decide against the odds to speak up for their dignity.
6:53 am
you had mentioned that day the burden on owners of gun stores that the expanded background checks would cause. i'm just wondering why the burden of my mother being gunned down in the hallway of her elementary school isn't as important as that. >> that was the daughter of the sandy hook principal confronting senator at a town hall tuesday. getz get to the gaggle. welcome, all. nia, i want to start with you. we're not used to seeing progressive groups give republicans a hard time at town halls. a little bit of a change of pace. >> that's right, because we saw that with health care before with the tea party giving democrats a hard time around health care. i think when you look at her,
6:54 am
here's a person who's a rising star in the republican party. she's looking at 2016. >> but which way? which race? >> i think she's a rising star. she's looking at 2016, the republican primary, not this 2016 race in the senate. the reality, though, for that 2016 race in new hampshire is new hampshire a blue state. >> well, it's bluer. >> yeah, and republicans in new england are a dying breed. she's got some issues. >> i thought she would be okay in this perspective, it's a live free or die state. they don't necessarily want a lot of government intervention. >> i think she's under an enormous amount of pressure. today she was looking for -- or last night she was looking for a fig leaf in the mental illness caveat. >> she wants in. >> she wants in, yeah. >> i agree. >> i think this is not really turning out well for her. >> i think she knows it. >> she's trying to figure out a way back in. >> kristen, the president
6:55 am
seemed -- when you don't have an opening statement, it's like, why are you doing this? they felt the need to take questions. we're all for it, please. more press conferences. we want them out there. but he seemed to be element lamenting the fact of his stat us in washington. >> a lot of people were scratching their head after that press conference. he was asked if he has the quote/unquote juice to get his second term agenda actually accomplished. he spent several minutes explaining why that would be so difficult. in fact, the only thing he seemed to express optimism about was immigration. he didn't talk about guns. he didn't talk about a grand bargain. so there wasn't an overarching theme. in terms of why they had this press conference, i think so much has happened since -- >> there's no doubt. there was a lot they felt they had to get on the table. >> he looked so tired. he looked angry. >> well, he came across frustrated. i think he is genuinely. >> he wasn't enjoying the presidency at all. like, he didn't have much to say. >> well, would you? would you want to have a drink with mitch mcconnell?
6:56 am
>> he feels like he's victimized by what's going on on the hill, not just by the partisanness of it, but the interparty fighting. >> he's sitting there, and they can't -- that's the thing. what's amazie ining about this hundred days is nobody is in better shape. >> the whole idea that the fever would break, you had a sense of that early on with with the fiscal cliff. >> it's a free for all. ted cruz's staff attacking eric cantor. it's a free for all up there. >> it is crazy. all right. they're playing my song. kristen, i apologize. you have to start with shameless plugs. >> i am covering to mexico and costa rica to cover the president. so watch our coverage here on msnbc. >> that's right. >> karen dejong's great story on the syria arms. >> we have a great package today on immigration. >> truly work related shameless
6:57 am
plug. nothing wrong with that. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." don't forget to go to our website. lots more on there all the time every day every hour. see you back here tomorrow. chris jansing is next. it's the first of may and we're dealing with a snowstorm. winter storm warnings from the southern portions of wyoming and the twin cities. minneapolis and st. paul could expect 6 to 9 inches of snow, especially later on tonight. it's beautiful in the northeast and mid-atlantic. stormy in the southeast. snow in the midwest. ridiculous. i've discovered gold.
6:58 am
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her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ good morning. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. there could be a major setback for an imbrags deal this morning. political reporting senator pat lei hee will allow immigrants with same-sex partners to get green cards the same way the process works for straight couples right now. the headline read this, "gay rights push threatens the immigration deal." the amendment could torpedo the deal. two members of the gang of eight have already come out against it. here's rubio in a radio interview. >> this immigration bill is difficult enough as it is. there are already enough questions being asked, questions that need to be answered,
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